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Dear Valued Sponsor,


         Porter Ranch Community School is a public, TK through 8th grade span school accredited for its academic excellence and positive influence in the community. Since PRCS only qualifies for minimal LAUSD funding, the Friends of Porter Ranch Community School Booster Club, through its annual fundraising initiative, raises money to pay for the vital programs, classroom materials, staff and resources that make PRCS one of the top-rated schools in the district…but we need your help…


       The goal of our annual D.R.E.A.M campaign is to Deliver Resources and Enrichment to Achieve More. Your contribution to the D.R.E.A.M fund will not only help ensure Porter Ranch Community School can continue to provide important academic and enrichment programs that make it one of the most coveted schools in the district, it will also help ensure we are able to deliver MORE  to our 1400 students: more programs and electives, more resources and staff support, more field trips and on campus experiences and more facility enhancements. 


       The benefits, however, extend both ways. In addition to helping us make the D.R.E.A.M a reality for our amazing students, your contribution will also enable our school to give something MORE to YOU in return. More specifically, in addition to the general sense of pride that comes with supporting a good cause, through our various sponsor appreciation programs, our school can deliver MORE positive mass recognition within our ever-expanding community (thanks to Toll Brothers’ rapid and vast buildout of thousands of new homes in the Porter Ranch area), which in turn drives MORE business to you and/your company!


       Teamwork makes the D.R.E.A.M work.  Please help us D.R.E.A.M  big  so we can deliver and achieve MORE.

With gratitude,


Friends of Porter Ranch Community School



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