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Children Reading the Holy Bible

D.R.E.A.M. Big:
Give to your favorite program

We value your input and commitment to our school community. With the option to donate to specific* programs, you have the power to direct your support where it matters most to you.  Your generosity empowers you to be an active participant in shaping the educational landscape at Porter Ranch Community School

Your Contribution, Your Choice*

Whether it's a passion for science, a love for the arts, or a dedication to sports, your choice reflects your values and priorities. By allowing you to specify your preferred program, we aim to make your giving experience not just a donation but a personal investment in the future of our students.

Flexible Giving Options

We understand that not everyone can afford to fully fund a program. That's why we offer the flexibility of partial payments. You can contribute an amount that aligns with your budget and still make a meaningful difference.

    *Please be aware that while we strive to allocate your donation to the specific program you choose, we cannot always guarantee that your contribution will be earmarked for that program. At times, funds may need to be reallocated to meet the school's most pressing needs. However, rest assured that every dollar you donate will be put to good use in supporting our school and its students.

    What Our Teachers Say

    School Notebook

    Mrs. Mustard, Kindergarten

    "I am grateful for our theater and and drama classes. They are a fun and enriching way for students to experience the arts. I am also grateful for aides in the yard and in the classroom."
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